Thursday, May 26, 2016

Proper 4C General Prayer

Lord God heavenly Father, glory and strength and splendor and majesty are Yours.  As we come to You in prayer, we tremble before You; praise You for Your goodness; and bless Your holy name!

There is no God like You in heaven above or earth beneath for You keep covenant with Your people and show Your steadfast love to Your servants, fulfilling Your promises.  We know that You are not contained in our house of worship but we rejoice that You hear the prayers of all who call upon You here today.  Grant that Your name would always dwell with honor in the holy lives of Your people.

We thank and praise You that You have sent Your Son Jesus Christ who gave himself on the cross to deliver us from this present evil age.  Help us to remain steadfast in this Good News and work against those in the Church who would preach a different Gospel.  Give us courage to seek Your approval alone in what we believe and practice as a congregation. 

Raise up faithful, godly men like the Centurion who will work for Your kingdom and care for those under their authority.  Especially do we pray for the men of this congregation that they would understand and live out their leadership role in marriage, family, church, and nation.

On this Lord’s Day, we remember and rejoice that, at the word of Jesus, healing came to rest on the servant at Capernaum.  In the same and by the same powerful word grant healing to all of those who are ill.  Especially do we remember…

Lord grant us a faith that Jesus calls great.  Deepen our concern for others.  Make us ever more humble.  Help us to look to Jesus alone in all our needs and lead us to trust his word of promise.

Revive our nation and its leaders and our fellow citizens with a renewed fear of You.  Rid us of every worthless idol that has gained an altar in the hearts of our people.  Lead us as a nation to ascribe to You the glory and honor and strength that is due Your name.

Especially do we remember with thanksgiving those who have laid down their lives for our country and we pray that You would give us and our fellow citizens the same spirit of self-sacrifice for the good of other.

Whatever else You see that we need; whatever is good for our neighbor and brings glory to You; whatever will work for our final salvation grant to us dear Father in heaven for we ask it all in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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